2016-17 Staff Directory

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First Name Last Name Email Subject
Athletic's Ryan Sean.Ryan@vansd.org Athletics&Activities Coordinator
Secretary Office Lois.Brace@vansd.org Secretary
Business Office Erin.Redd@vansd.org Business Clerk
Registrar Office Nancy.Smedley@vansd.org Enrollment Clerk
Attendance Office Alki.Attendance@vansd.org Attendance Clerk
Melissa Anderholt Melissa.Anderholt@vansd.org Intensive Lit/Learning Support
Enid Axtell Enid.Axtell@vansd.org Leadership / 6th Rot & 8th Gr LA/SS
Chelsea Blackburn Chelsea.Blackburn@vansd.org Band
Travis Blue Travis.Blue@vansd.org Structured Learning Center
Mary Brown Mary.Brown@vansd.org 7th Gr Math
Will Brown Will.Brown@vansd.org 8th Gr Math/Algebra
Jodi Buchanan Jodi.Buchanan@vansd.org 6th Rot / Art / Photography / PE
Don Buss Donald.Buss@vansd.org PE & 8th Gr Science
Dave Chartrey Dave.Chartrey@vansd.org Band
Ryan Coffey Ryan.Coffey@vansd.org Student Advocate/PBIS
Jean Condon Jean.Condon@vansd.org Intensive Lit
Brianne Cooper Brianne.Cooper@vansd.org 6th Grade Core/Math
Tracie Crowley Tracie.Crowley@vansd.org 6th Grade Core/LA-SS
Neil Cummings Neil.Cummings@vansd.org PE
Jon Davis Jon.Davis@vansd.org 7th Gr Honors LA-SS
Philip Denton Philip.Denton@vansd.org Choir / 6th Rot
Kevin Dotson Kevin.Dotson@vansd.org TV Prod/Gateway to Tech/PE/6 Gr Science
Nancy D'Urso Nancy.DUrso@vansd.org Speech/Language
Magda Fong Magda.Fong@vansd.org Psychologist
Darren Gray Darren.Gray@vansd.org 7th/8th Gr Science
Debbie Guymon Debbie.Guymon@vansd.org 6th & 7th Gr Science
Peggy Hanes Peggy.Hanes@vansd.org Teacher / Librarian
Katie Hebner Katie.Hebner@vansd.org Choir / 6th Rot
Tim Heichelheim Timothy.Heichelheim@vansd.org Director of Bands Alki MS/Skyview HS
Gaylene Horch Gaylene.Horch@vansd.org Gr8: Algebra - Geometry
Lori Koeb Lori.Koeb@vansd.org Nurse
Keith Lloyd Keith.Lloyd@vansd.org 6th Grade LA/SS
Maxwell Merchant Maxwell.Merchant@vansd.org 7th & 8th Gr LA/SS
Julie McCloud Julie.McCloud@vansd.org Wellness, P.E.
Alice Muirden Alice.Muirden@vansd.org 8th Gr LA-SS / 6th Gr LA-SS
Sarah O'Mara Sarah.Omara@vansd.org Orchestra
Keith Oddis Keith.Oddis@vansd.org 6th Grade Math
Lisa Pitts Lisa.Pitts@vansd.org 6th-7th Grade Math
Erika Riggan Erika.Riggan@vansd.org 6th Rot / Spanish / Yearbook
Rachel Rogers Rachel.Rogers@vansd.org 7th Grade Math
Kelsey Simons Kelsey.Simons@vansd.org Lit Focus
Stacey Smith Stacey.Smith@vansd.org 7th Gr LA/SS
Ryan Stief Ryan.Steif@vansd.org Learning Support LA & Math
Shawn Stipic Shawn.Stipic@vansd.org AVID / 6th Rot & 8th Gr LA/SS
Michael Storaci Michael.Storaci@vansd.org 8th Gr Math
Kari Tjersland Kari.Tjersland@vansd.org Counseling
Niki Vigorito Niki.Vigorito@vansd.org Supported Communication
Ryan Wagoner Ryan.Wagoner@vansd.org Counseling
Kevin Williams Kevin.Williams@vansd.org 6th Gr P.E.
Lorraine Williams Lorraine.Williams@vansd.org 6th Gr Science
Alice Winczer Alice.Winczer@vansd.org Supported Communication
Bldg Operator Steve.Horton@vansd.org Alki Building Operator
TechSupport Ivy.Binkowski@vansd.org Tech Support/Webmaster