Principal Mark Cain

Welcome to Alki, where our legacy is valuing every student.  The Alki staff works very hard each day to create a positive learning environment by following these three guidelines: be safe, be respectful, be responsible. Our academic program is based on the Common Core State Standards and is rigorous and engaging. We do weekly character trait reminders based on being respectful to others. We also work to ensure that students feel safe at school.

When you walk through our doors the first thing you will notice is the welcoming environment created by our amazing office staff.  They are here, along with the administrative team, to help students, staff and family members with whatever they may need.  Our teachers and support staff work very hard to make classrooms welcoming but also challenging.  You will notice how positive our students are about their school through their friendly interactions, eagerness to learn, and respect for the school environment.

We have a variety of electives throughout the school day that allow students to explore their creative and artistic sides.  Our visual arts teacher brings a variety of experiences to students which helps them build an appreciation for the skills involved in creating a work of art.  The evidence of their  success lives on walls or our Great Hall where student work is always showcased.  We also offer Spanish, which earns high school credit for students who chose to devote two years to the class.  Our music program, consisting of choir, orchestra and band , is extremely strong and offers students the opportunity to perform throughout the year.

Our after school activities and sports programs are a great way for students to make connections outside the school day and extend the positive learning that takes place around pride, honor and integrity.  In the fall we offer volleyball, football and cross country.  In the winter there will be girls’ basketball and wrestling.  Our late winter sports are boys basketball and bowling.  In the spring we have track.  Each of these sports attracts a large number of students.

Through the skill of our staff and support of our community we excel at making Alki a great place for learning.

Mark Cain
Principal, Alki Middle School

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