PARKING LOT SAFETY- Parent Drop off and Pick-up

Dear Alki Families:

In order to minimize hazards to students we are asking drivers to follow these procedures to ensure a safe pick up and drop off in the Alki parking lot:

Pick up time in the afternoon is 3:30-3:40

Please only travel east to west in the driveway when picking up and dropping off, then turn left to head south toward the exit, avoiding the first aisle.

Pull as far forward as possible and continue doing so as cars pull out. We will be asking students to wait further west on the sidewalk rather than in front of the office.

Form ONE line next to the curb when waiting in your car. Do not stop in the middle of the driveway to pick up or drop off your student.

Remain in your car unless you are parked in a parking space

Please find a parking space if there is no room along the curb. Students will be asked to use the cross walks to get to the parking area.

Do not park or stop your car in front of any ORANGE CONES.

Please be aware that school zone traffic laws are in effect all year. Watch for the yellow flashing light and remember to slow down—20 miles per hour—and stop at crosswalks whenever students are present. Use caution when entering and parking in the Alki parking lot.