December 2023 Employee Excellence Awards

The following employees were selected to receive the December 2023 Employee Excellence Awards and recognition at the December 12 school board meeting.

Dixie Archer, Teacher at VITA Elementary
Brooke Igarta, Teacher at Hough Elementary
William Johnson, Auditorium Manager at Skyview High School
Darby Meade, Principal at iTech Preparatory
Lisa Reed, Principal at Hazel Dell Elementary

Five employees are recognized between October and June of each school year. Nominations are open to staff, students, parents and community members. Nominees are selected for recognition by a committee of their peers.

In addition to awardees chosen by the peer nomination and Excellence Awards committee voting process, the Board of Directors may recognize recipients who have been nominated by the Superintendent’s Cabinet for demonstrating exceptional leadership and dedication to VPS students and their families.

Dixie Archer, Teacher

VITA Elementary

Dixie Archer, headshot

Dixie Archer is truly an exceptional educator at VITA Elementary and the students in her class are fortunate to have such an inspiring teacher. One nominator shares, “The atmosphere in her classroom exudes positivity and joy, creating a learning environment that feels almost magical.” She goes above and beyond by empowering students to assume leadership roles, encouraging mutual support, and promoting the understanding that our differences make us all valuable. Thank you, Dixie.


Brooke Igarta, Teacher

Hough Elementary

Brooke Igarta from Hough Elementary is a dedicated, kind and hardworking teacher. Says one nominator, “She is one of the most dedicated teachers I have had the privilege of meeting.” Brooke has such a positive impact on students’ learning by helping them gain confidence and empowering them to be themselves. She has a lasting impact on our students, preparing them for continued success in their learning journey. Thank you, Brooke.

William Johnson, Auditorium Manager

Skyview High School

Will Johnson, headshot

William Johnson, the Auditorium Manager at Skyview High School, has an incredible passion for the performing arts. William supports the work in several different ways, including lighting and tech for assemblies and presentations, coaching the performers, designing sets and lighting for productions, and operating the video and sound. He has also advocated for improvements to the auditorium over the years and has been extremely helpful to peers with support and advice. Thank you, William


Darby Meade, Principal

iTech Preparatory

Darby Meade, headshot

Darby Meade, the Principal at iTech Preparatory demonstrates exceptional leadership and a genuine concern for the well-being of families and students. He is approachable, accessible and committed to establishing a personal connection with everyone in the school community engaging with students, parents and staff. He promotes a culture at iTech that encourages students to keep growing and trying new things in a supportive environment. Thank you, Darby.

Lisa Reed, Principal

Hazel Dell Elementary

Lisa Reed, headshot

Lisa Reed, the Principal at Hazel Dell Elementary has created a culture of equity, excellence, belonging and joy for students and teachers alike. She has worked with the staff and the entire VPS community to create a clear vision and mission for learning goals, focused on equity through literacy. Literacy outcomes have improved due to her hard work. Despite her competing priorities as a building administrator, she always finds the time to lift up those around her. Thank you, Lisa.