by Traci Chun | Teacher Librarian | Skyview High School

Students working with on iPads at Alki Middle School.You may have heard the term “Future Ready” or thought about what schools are doing to help support students for future careers and industries. Future Ready Schools is a national effort to provide students with digital learning opportunities and help move school districts toward preparing students for success in college, community and careers. Future Ready Schools provides districts with resources and support to help align technology and digital learning plans with best instructional practices. The goal is to inspire and guide educators to create personalized learning experiences for all students. Vancouver Public Schools has signed the Future Ready Pledge and is honored to be a part of the network of educators from all across the country.

But what is a Future Ready library and how are teacher librarians involved?

Part of the Future Ready Schools program is designed especially for librarians! School librarians lead, teach and support the Future Ready goals of our district including curriculum support, instructional support, as well as managing technology. Teacher librarians in Vancouver Public School are excited to be leading others in collaboration, empowerment, and advocacy for all students. By following the Future Ready Librarian framework, teacher librarians are able to design innovative lessons, provide instructional support for classroom teachers, and work on building a program to support digital learning opportunities. Future Ready libraries are more than providing resources and innovative projects; they are about providing support for educators so our students are ready for anything the future may hold!

Check out Future Ready Schools for more information on the Future Ready movement in libraries or to check out the framework that is guiding our work.