Be ready

Winter weather conditions can be difficult to predict, but there are a few steps you can take to prepare for possible school closures or delays.

  • Make sure your contact information is up to date so the school staff can reach you if necessary.
  • Know how to receive school closure information and where to find it.
  • Have a backup plan for work and/or child care if schools are closed, delayed or released early.

What you need to know

The decision to close schools or delay opening them is not taken lightly. The safety of students and staff is a top priority.

When winter weather hits, a transportation crew begins driving in different areas of the school district at 3 a.m.

With advice from the transportation crew and a meteorologist, the superintendent will make a decision regarding the operation of our schools. If possible, this decision will be made by 5 a.m. If a two-hour late start was declared the prior evening, we will attempt to make the decision by 7 a.m.


If it is decided to continue with a regular school day, then no information will be reported, and parents and staff will know that schools are operating on regular schedules.

Snow routes

Snow routes have been developed for some school buses. These alternate routes will be used when icy or snowy conditions exist on some of the school district’s most difficult roads. Snow routes will be used for morning and afternoon routes. Snow bus routes are safer during bad weather conditions.


We encourage students to ride school buses to and from school during adverse weather conditions. School buses are a safe and reliable form of transportation.

Your decision matters

Parents and guardians: You may decide to keep your child or children at home if you feel it’s not safe to make the trip to school. You are in the best position to decide about your local conditions and your child’s judgment and driving capabilities. While we go to extensive measures to determine if roads district-wide are safe for travel, it’s physically impossible for us to be on every street corner and side street at all times. We rely on you to be the final judge when it comes to the safety of your child/children.